When You Need a Helping Hand

Sometimes in life we need a helping hand to give choice attention to our friends, children, businesses, families, homes, etc. It’s not always easy to ask loved ones for help during difficult times or in moments that call for a skilled and resourceful ally to help us reach our goals. 

I have worked in several industries that have helped me build the framework for my skills, including: hotel management; wedding planning; travel planning; corporate executive assistant; corporate event management; non-profit event planning, operations, bookkeeping and fundraising. Planning, research and organization are things that come naturally to me and I use those skills to help others in their busy day-to-day lives.   

When life throws you that curve ball, call SouleAssist. I charge by the hour, or by the project, long-term or short. With my help you’ll have more time to enjoy the important things in life

- Teresa Soule...your personal assistant.

Your Personal Assistant

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